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Recycle your metals at AOR yards and get paid top dollar.


Running or not, AOR pays competitive pricing to properly recycle your ride.


With direct access to the largest metal processors, AOR's mobile crews can make quick work of your yard.


All Ontario Recycling is a full-service metal recycler serving Ontario for over 30 years. In addition to our 2 recycling yards, AOR is a leading provider of metal recycling services and haulage to auto wreckers and metal recycling yards across Ontario.  When AOR first established itself in Ontario, customers were delighted with how well AOR processed and hauled scrap materials across Ontario.  Leveraging AOR's buying power and equipped with out fleet of trucks, AOR was able to create a storied history of being an industry leader in scrap metal purchasing in Ontario.  Give us a call and ask an AOR representative for reviews and feedback from our customers.  We are always happy to hear what AOR customers have to say about our work, and we are never satisfied until our customers are delighted with AOR and they're looking forward to having AOR visit their yard again.  All Ontario Recycling, AOR won't rest until you are happy, and we have the clientele to prove it.

AOR has a large fleet of trucks and equipment used to collect and haul recyclable metals throughout Ontario. With access to some of the world's largest metal processing facilities, AOR offers great pricing, fast service, and dependability. Whether you are recycling metal, electronics, automobiles or even tires, AOR will accept or transport your materials and provide you with the best price the market has to offer. We are committed to being “GREEN” and keeping our environment safe.

For individual recycling drop-offs, AOR’s public metal recycling yards are located in Barrie and Port Sydney Ontario. You can always call us directly to see how we can serve you.


  • Running or not AOR will help you remove that unwanted vehicle. Our tow trucks are ready for your call.  You can rest assured that you are working with a reputable company as all out tow trucks have AOR branding right on the trucks.

  • AOR yards have quick and easy drop-off and cash on the spot for your household metal recycling. We pay you to clean up your own house!

  • Besides our own locations, AOR is known for onsite processing for other recycling yards. We can handle any size job.

  • AOR is the largest supplier of shredder feed to the largest end-users of scrap metal in Ontario. This means you constantly get the best price.

  • AOR road crews are fully mobile and can operate the latest and most efficient mobile cranes, crushers, balers, shears, and loaders. We are efficient at what we do.

  • With out fleet of AOR trucks, specialized trailers, and heavy equipment to handle the transport of all types and volumes of scrap metal. If it needs moving, we do it.  You've seen the AOR trucks on the 400 series highways All Across Ontario.


When we pick up your car or truck you get paid on spot.  AOR pays on time.

When our mobile crews go onsite for processing large quantities, we pay the yards and locations within two weeks.  Customers trust AOR for transparency of their loads. Every shipment gets AOR load tickets as AOR trucks leave their yard.

We pay top dollar and cash on the spot for individuals that carry scrap in or vehicles that are driving in.


  • Scrap dealers

  • Foundries

  • Industrial processing plants

  • Demolition and construction contractors

  • All levels of government and the public

AOR scrap metal trucking


AOR has invested substantially in staff training, high-performance tools, and machinery to responsibly handle scrap materials in the most environmentally friendly way. All AOR staff and services are fully licensed and insured.

Canadian Auto Recycling
Ontario Automotive Recycling Association
Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA)
Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority
  • Environmental Activity Sector Registration: End-of-life vehicle processing sites

  • Nuclear substances and radiation devices licence – CNSC

  • C License - MoE. (dismantling and crushing of vehicles)

  • OARA certification

  • Freon removal certification

  • Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority registered collector/hauler

  • Ontario E-Waste registered collector of e-waste

  • HWIN registered generator – Operating licence- Storage of residual hazardous materials

  • CVOR – MTO

  • C of A – MTO

  • Operating licence – Scrap lead-acid batteries

  • Operating licence – Scrap tires

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